Pago los Balancines has just released Vaso de Luz, volume II of the Bootleg Wines collection. This wine, a reserve made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, pays tribute to painter and poet Manuel Padorno, from the Canary Isles.

Pedro Mercado, the winery owner, and Josefina Betancor, wife of the artist, accompanied by her family, attended the wine presentation ceremony, which was held in the BAT Alberto Cornejo art gallery in Madrid.

According to the family: “It always makes us proud that people with cultural and artistic concerns appreciate Manuel Padorno’s work, but to do so through a wine is something we would never have imagined. A wine that bears his stamp both pictorially and poetically. A wine with which we will toast him and which we will enjoy. We are certain that Manuel would have felt very proud of this homage”.

For Pedro Mercado: “Vaso de Luz pays tribute to Manuel Padorno in an attempt to give back in a very small way the countless moments of artistic pleasure that his pictorial and poetic work have given me; doubtlessly a vain attempt given that the deep impression that his way of understanding the world has left in me is hardly comparable.”

Vaso de Luz belongs to the winery’s Bootleg Wines collection. Volume I of this collection was Salitre, a 100% Garnacha Tintorera wine that pays tribute to musician Quique González.

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