Video Invierno

One of the main tasks we carry out in winter is the pruning, an essential process to ensure grape quality. We go in for goblet-trained vines, leaving very small shoots and with very few renewal spurs. We do all this to achieve a smaller quantity of grapes but with a higher concentration; our emphasis is on quality rather than quantity. At this time of year, when we have new planting, we also carry out the work of staking and training. A young plant cannot support itself, so we have to attach it to a stake for a number of years until the plant has grown stout enough to support itself. Winter is also the time for root-pruning. This involves uncovering the vine stock and cutting off any surface roots, forc the vine to send its roots deeper, and thus extracting more mineral notes from the soil.

At Pago los Balancines we produce individual distinctive wines. These wines come to us from the terroir and the people who work with us because we are convinced that the source of the wine is the vine stock.

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